There’s no need to haul your belongings back and forth from your home, to a poorly maintained storage unit, only to move them again to your new location. With UNITS® Storage you can save time and energy by keeping the container at your home while you pack for your move.

When you are ready, we will pick it up from your home and move it to your new location, where you can store your belongings on-site for as long as you need.


We get some pretty crazy weather patterns here in Utah. It’s sunny one minute, then raining the next. But don’t worry, our portable containers can handle just about any type of weather mother nature can throw at it!

Every portable storage UNIT is made with breathable space age materials, which means they are weather-tight. It also means that there is no mold or moisture build-up, unlike a lot of standard storage units.


If you don’t have a new location ready yet, don’t worry. You can keep your belongings in the container, and UNITS Storage will store the container in our climate-controlled storage facility for as long as you need.

You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe, secure and treated with care as they wait to be delivered to their new home – your new home!